Jon Jones Vs Daniel Cormier : Rematch , Rubber Match

Jon Jones Vs Daniel Cormier : Rematch , Rubber Match

Daniel Cormier, the light heavyweight, and a heavyweight contender, he is pound for pound number one fighter in MMA,  Jon Jones is the pound for pound number 2,  he is virtually unbeaten as his only loss was a DQ.   Jon and Daniel have faced each other in two bouts. The first one, UFC 182, was a Unanimous Decision victory for Jon Jones, initially, the rematch was going to be held at the main event of UFC 200 but Jones tested positive for the performance-enhancing drugs and was allowed to fight.

The pair met at UFC 214 which ended by knockout victory for Jon but he again tested positive for illegal drugs and fight result was overturned as no contest. Jon Jones was banned by USADA for being a drug cheat. Since October 2018, Jones is allowed to fight again after a 15-month ban.

After the return of Jon Jones, every MMA fan is looking for the next meeting of both the rivals,  there is bad blood between both the fighters and a third face-off is inevitable where Jon needs to prove he can beat Cormier without drugs again, as he did in the first match on 3rd January 2015. Daniel Cormier will prove why he is a pound of pound champion and will fight to avenge his only loss. Daniel is currently fighting at the heavyweight division but for this particular fight, he can make a comeback at Light heavyweight limit.