Martial Arts Psychology For Modern Reality Based Self Defense!

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Martial Arts Psychology For Modern Reality Based Self Defense!

If you only train against a heavy bag, or practice & rehearse self defense drills in a mcdojo, or are being trained by an arm chair instructor with no real fight experience your in trouble!

Now listen this is very crucial for all the information you know and all your hard work and training. You need to purchase a martial artshelmet, and 16 oz open hand mma gloves, find a park with a training partner and get out there and practice fighting thru sparring exercises!

You need to feel the stress and pressure of engaging an opponent, feel the pain of being hit, feel the stress of having fists and kicks flying at you, I even recommend sparring with no gloves or helmets once you and your partner are good.

You may have all my self defense and fighting tips memorized and I commend you for it, but if you don’t have any experience of being hit, timing, speed, range of motion, and actual fighting experience you could end up dead after a street attack.

You need to be able to be calm and relaxed while you are having fists hitting your wrists, punching your face, being grabbed and attacked. The only way you can develop this sense of calm is thru experience only.

Continue studying and training in your martial art and do sparring  and practicing combat with a partner, safety gear and raw aggression. It will enhance your performance at minimum a 110%