6 Full-body UFC Workouts for Strength, Endurance, and Fat Loss

6 Full-body UFC Workouts for Strength, Endurance, and Fat Loss

UFC Gym. lives up to their motto “Train Different” by providing classes. that combine strength training with cardiovascular conditioning. Instead of conventional cardio, you’ll push sleds, flip tires, and slam sand bags in their Daily Ultimate Training class. Modeled on high-intensity interval training, these taxing bouts of work and short recovery periods strengthen your cardiovascular capacity and torch calories long after you leave the gym.

You’ll also get a taste of their main expertise, MMA and kickboxing, in the MATRX class—a cutting edge routine that incorporates TRX suspension. TRX increases your movement capacity and engages your muscle fibers in a way free weights and machines can’t because it utilizes your own bodyweight from various angles. Your stability, flexibility and endurance are strengthened—and most of all, your mind is engaged.

“Our overall goal is to provide the best possible training environment, coaching, and programs for our member base,” says UFC Gym SoHo General Manager Jason Dunton. “We don’t just give you a gym for you to hit your goals in, we run by your side and help you get there.”

With these 6 routines from UFC Gym. coaches in your workout repertoire, you’ll hone the skills, build the strength, and acquire the endurance of a UFC fighter. Put in the work and you’ll see and feel a transformation in your body and mind in little to no time.

Workout 1

Push the pace: power & endurance  
Courtesy of Anthony Feliz – Fitness director at UFC GYM Soho, CPT, PES CES, CrossFit Level 1

Dynamic Warmup
Rounds: 3
Duration: 45 seconds each
Distance: 15 meters

– Bear crawls

– High knees

– Arm circles

– Air squats

What you need:
– Dumbbells

Directions: Perform these two exercises as a superset and complete 4 rounds. Don’t take any rest between supersets; recover for 30 seconds between rounds.

  1. Spartan makers
    Reps: 4

  • Directions:Grab a pair of dumbbells. Start in a pushup position with your hands on the dumbbells. Complete two pushups. While in the “up” position, row one of the dumbbells to the side of your ribs. Place it back on the ground, then do another pushup. Repeat this step; only row with your alternate arm. Next, jump your feet toward your hands; clean and press the dumbbells. After, bring the dumbbells to waist-level and squat down until you can rest the dumbbells down, slightly in front of you. Jump back into pushup position.
  1. Burpee-pushup-broad jump
    Reps: 5

  • Directions: Stand with your feet half-a-foot apart. Quickly bend at your knees and drop your hands down to the floor. At the same time, kick your legs out behind you. Your body should be aligned, head to toe. Do a pushup. Jump your feet back to standing. Lower down into a slight squat and swing your arms behind you. Jump forward as far as you can, propelling your arms to help drive your body forward. Land on both feet and assume the initial stance.
  1. 8-Min EMOM (every minute on the minute) barbell complex

What you need:
– Bar/barbell

Directions: Complete each exercise for prescribed reps. Rest for however much time is left in the minute. Complete 4 rounds.

– 4 Power cleans

– 3 Front squats

– 2 Push press

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